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At BestMoving.Company, we understand that seamless moving often requires secure storage. That’s why we offer comprehensive, private storage solutions at our Mississauga warehouse for your convenience.

Whether dealing with real estate delays, unexpected gaps between moves, or lease restrictions, our storage facility is your ideal solution. Our private storage space is designed to cater to both temporary storage needs and extended stays with competitive month-to-month rates.

What makes our storage unique? Unlike public storage facilities, we offer an entirely private setup. Each item brought to our facility is inventoried, labelled with your details and job reference number, and strategically stored on sturdy wooden pallets. Heavier items are placed at the bottom for maximum safety.

Our storage facility is not just a storage space; it’s a secure haven for your belongings. Our warehouse is strictly employee-accessible, ensuring added security. Unless specified prior, items are only moved out of the storage as a complete shipment when you’re ready to relocate.

Our storage facility stands tall on the pillars of safety and security. Equipped with 24-hour video surveillance, access to the facility is strictly limited to BestMoving.Company staff. High-value items like LCD TVs, large electronics, golf clubs, and bicycles receive additional protection in our locked storage area.

Climate matters when it comes to storing certain items. Our temperature-controlled warehouse stores well-packed photographs, business documents, electronics, and more. However, please note that perishable food items, live plants, or animals cannot be accommodated.

We recognize that the need for flexible storage options is more pressing than ever due to the changing economic climate and relocation trends at BestMoving.Company, we offer flexible storage terms without contractual time constraints and are always open to discussing pro-rated storage options.

If you’d like to explore our storage solutions further or have any queries, please get in touch with our storage department. We’re here to make your move as effortless as possible.