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Move Antiques Safely: Expert Tips & Advice

Moving valuable antiques and collectibles requires special care and attention to ensure they arrive at your new location in perfect condition. At The Best Moving Company, we have the expertise and experience to handle your precious items with the utmost care. Here are some expert tips to help you protect your valuables during the move.

Antique Packing Techniques

Proper packing is crucial for safeguarding your antiques and collectibles. Here are some techniques we recommend:

Use High-Quality Packing Materials: Invest in sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and foam peanuts to provide adequate cushioning.
Wrap Each Item Individually: Ensure each piece is wrapped separately to prevent scratches and damage.
Secure Fragile Items: Use padding and secure each item within the box to prevent movement during transit.

Specialized Antique Moving Equipment

We use specialized equipment to handle your valuable items with care:

Custom Crates: Custom-built crates provide additional protection for particularly fragile or large items.
Dollies and Hand Trucks: These tools help move heavy items without causing damage.
Lifting Straps: To safely lift and carry heavy or awkwardly shaped pieces.

Insurance Options
Despite the best precautions, accidents can happen. We offer various insurance options to provide peace of mind:

Full-Value Protection: This coverage ensures you are compensated for the full value of any damaged or lost items.
Released Value Protection: A more economical option that offers limited liability based on the weight of your items.

Our team is trained to handle your antiques and collectibles with the utmost care, ensuring they arrive at your new home in pristine condition. Trust The Best Moving Company to protect your most valuable possessions.

For more information about our antique and collectible moving services, visit our Moving Antiques and Collectibles page.